Tuesday, 5 March 2019

LENA Gel Effect Nail Polish

Hello Lovelies,

Thank you for dropping by, I’ve been trying out a new Gel Effect Polish over the past 10 days from LENA Nails. 
LENA offered to send me some of their polishes in exchange for a honest review. 
I received 3 lovely colours and a top coat!

Pictured from left to right:
Bottle Of Glamour, Show Me The Mani, Party Starter & Top Coat.

So let’s start with ‘Bottle of Glamour’ Gel Effect! 
A Delightful Peachy/Pink Shade with a Shimmer that offers an even glossier eye catching shine. 
This will become one of my go to polishes during the Spring/Summer, it’s so pretty, who wouldn’t love it! Great stamping base too (keep a look out)!
I applied 2 coats which went on smoothly and hassle free, due to the wide brush and lovely formula. I allowed each coat a few minutes to dry before applying the next. 
Finished with LENA Gel Effect - Top Coat.

‘Show Me The Mani’ Gel Effect!
A Graceful Pale Purple with a hint of Pink. 
Another Pretty Spring/Summer shade.
Florals are THE Fashion Trend of 2019, this purple is sure to coordinate perfectly with so many items of clothing!
Perfect for the wedding seasons...
I applied 2 coats and finished with LENA Gel Effect - Top Coat 
Photo taken on day 3, shows good durability of this polish.

‘Party Starter’ Gel Effect.  
Described as Pomegranate, which is spot on! 
A Beautiful Deep Pink is the perfect transition shade to take you through Winter to Springtime. It gives a Glamorous look to the nails...
I applied 2 coats and finished with LENA Gel Effect - Top Coat.

The features I love about this polish:
Easy Application, High Gloss, Vegan Friendly Formula and Self Levelling. Two of my nails have quite bad ridges which I don’t like to buff too often. This polish and top coat completely covered them. 
Top Coat is touch dry in around 3 minutes, however takes longer to harden and become smudge free. 

My verdict - I would buy these polishes, they are in a very similar league to some of the high end brands I have favoured for many years.
Well Done LENA.

There are 52 Exquisite Shades available. 
You can purchase these direct from LENA Nail Polish. 

*Please note that LENA Gel Effect Polishes are not Water Permeable.
I wrote a post back in 2016 about LENA Nails Water Permeable (Halal) Polish... You should check that out because the company have grown immensely in the last 3 years, there’s so many more colour choices available. 
I hope you enjoyed this post, I look forward to any comments you may have...
Please don’t use Google to reply because the messages no longer show!

Jenny x

AD - Gifted
All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest.

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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Update! A-England Outlet Opens


This is a quick update on my A-England post from last month.
I featured some gorgeous swatches and told you about an offer which was on for a short time.
Here’s a recap... A-England Nail Polish Review!

I’m bringing some more good news today. If you missed the earlier offer, you’ll be delighted to know that A-England have opened an outlet section on their website, where you can shop some of their wonderful polishes for a fraction of the price.
However, from what I understand, these particular colours won’t be relisted when sold out. If you want to get your claws on them should act quick!
Here’s a photo of the selection bought last month, most of which are available in the outlet. 

Colours from left to right, starting at top -
Shall Be My Queen, Anne Of Cleves, Angel Grace, Carnation Lily Lily Rose,
She Walks In Beauty, Fotheringhay Castle, Sleeping Palace, King Cophetua.

I’m going to pick up the remaining colours I don’t have, I was trying to be savvy with my spending, but I can’t let these beauties slip through my fingers!
These polishes normally retail at £11 each with free p&p.
Shipping is limited to UK only direct from A-England due to posting restrictions.

Outlet prices are -
2 shades £10
3 shades £12
4 shades £15
6 shades £21
8 shades £24

Shop at The Outlet A-England 

Love Jenny x

*All products used are my own

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Thursday, 31 January 2019

Self Made Mermaid Duo - Nails Inc

Hi lovelies, 

I’m bringing you the last of my Nails Inc Duo’s today. 
It’s called ‘Self Made Mermaid’ and comes beautifully presented in a teal box featuring cute holo mermaid tail scales. 
These sets really are a perfect gift to give to someone who loves nail polish. 

‘Ocean Ever After’ is the first shade from this lovely duo. 
An outrageously beautiful sea of turquoise with a gold sparkle. 
This easy to apply foil finish took 2 coats for a perfect opaque coverage.

Next up ‘Mermaid Parade’!
Stunning iridescent shifts in a multitude of ocean hues, aquamarine, gold & pink to name a few...
It’s a delicate somewhat sheer polish that surprised me by the dramatic change of appearance in different lights. 
First photograph is taken indoors and gives an opaque look. 
The next shows the translucent effect of this beautiful polish taken outdoors in the sunshine. 
Again 2 coats was applied in these swatches. 

If you missed the last reviews, you can can read them here -

All three duos are available on the Nails Inc website, they retail at £15.
Nails inc polishes generally retail between £11 - £15 for one colour, so it’s a fair price for two! Go treat yourselves...

There have been some new releases in recent months which I hope to bring to you very soon.
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, I’ll be back with another post shortly.

Base Coat - OPI Nail Envy
Top Coat - Seche Vite 

Jenny x

*All products used are my own

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Sunday, 20 January 2019

The Future is Fairy Duo - Nails Inc

Hello there,

I hope your weekend has been good one.
Back in the Summer, I wrote a post about Nails Inc Champagne Shine Duo...
I had hoped to follow up soon after with reviews of two more of their Stunning Sets which have became MASSIVELY popular. 
Unfortunately I’ve had months of illness which is a frequent issue as I suffer with multiple health problems which have a huge impact on my life. I never got around to typing up the continuations until now. 

So today I’m following up with a review of The Future is Fairy Duo!

The first shade is Don’t Give A Flutter. 
A Shell Pink iridescent polish. 
It’s pale, pretty and perfect if your looking for something subtle. 
Gorgeous for wedding nails. 
It actually takes me back to my teens, times spent borrowing my mums nail polishes, shell bases were all the rage back then. 

Nails Inc brush is round, it’s easy to use, polish glides on smoothly and even which is a must for applying pearl or similar bases. My nails are slim so I find I can get away with 1-2 strokes. Best brush ever!
I applied 2 coats which offered the perfect coverage. 

Second up is Fairy Freckles.
This clear polish contains irregular pieces of holographic flakes which look like dazzling jewels embedded into my manicure! 
This polish can be used on its own or as a topper. I’ve used it as a topper over Don’t Give A Flutter. 
I applied just 1 coat which was enough to give the effect I desired.
I think you’ll agree the result is incredibly pretty. 
It will be interesting to see what results are obtained over other shades.

Down to the nitty gritty, these polishes retail at £15. The price is a little on the steep side if you like a bargain brand. However for the beautiful shades, quality and quantity you are getting I think it’s well worth it. 

Nails inc polishes generally retail between £11 - £15 for one colour, need I say more...

Base Coat - OPI Nail Envy
Top Coat - Seche Vite 

What are your opinions of these cute little boxes of loveliness?
There's one more more duo to come.
Jenny x

*All products used are my own

Friday, 4 January 2019

A-England Nail Polish Review & Offer

Hi Lovelies,
I have a review of A England today. 
A Wonderful British, Nail Polish Brand I came across on Instagram last year. 
Plus there’s a special offer on their website, not to be missed!

A England is fast becoming favoured by nail polish enthusiasts for their many Enchanting Collections.
Allow yourself be whisked away into a world of Queens & Castles, Legendary Myths to Heavenly Quotes. The brand best renowned for its use of phenomenal holographics. 
If you follow me on Instagram @paintedbypinky, you’ll have seen the following swatches a while ago, I have many to feature, although I’ve been away for so long due to illness - yep again.  

First up is ‘Kalinka’ from The Russian Soul Collection. 
My first A England polish. A very beautiful silver shade with a lilac shift that offers a subtle rainbow holo.

‘Waltz of the Flowers’ from The Russian Soul Collection. 
What a Spectacular Shade...
An intense purple that’s brimming with tiny holos which come to life with the slightest of light. They dance & sparkle with such clarity on the nails.

‘Symphony in Blue & Silver’ from Sargent’s Vision Collection. 
Sparkling holos in a blue icy delight! A lovely wintery colour, that I’m going to be wearing lots this season. 
The 1st photo is taken in indoors the second with a flash!

‘Symphony in Green & Gold’ from Sargent’s Vision Collection. 
A Peaceful Prettiness that’s so very fitting for Springtime Manicures!
The 1st photo is taken in natural light so doesn’t show the beautiful holographic particles in their full glory... 
The next is taken with a flash! OMGee Mesmerising holos I’m sure you’ll agree!

All of these swatches have taken 2 coats of polish over base coat with a top coat to finish. 
The brush is lovely to use! The formula spot on, I highly recommend trying this polish if you haven’t already, I truly adore them all. 

So here where I bring you the good news! 
There is a Spectacular Special Offer on at the moment at a-england.co.uk
It’s called Wonderland and all of the above shades are included along with 17 others. 
21 Incredibly Beautiful Polishes in total. Usually priced at £11 each... 
Now 3 shades £12£ 4 shades £15£ 6 shades £218 shades £24
Ends 10th January so be quick not to miss out!
I was gifted some money for Christmas, haha you can probably guess what I spent it on!

Other products used
Base Coat - OPI Envy
Top Coat - Seche Vite

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and manage to snap up some polishes. 
Let me know if you get any and what you think.

Be happy lovelies,

Jenny x

*All products used are my own

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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

2019 Less Bitter, More Glitter

I’d like to wish my readers A Happy, Healthy 2019 that’s Full of Fun & Sparkle!

I had a lovely Christmas Day with my family, received some gorgeous gifts and welcomed a new addition to the family, Ffion the Dachshund.

It was exciting to open my 1st Beauty Advent Calendar and of course it had to be Nail Polish! The Ciaté Mini Mani Month...
OK, so it is from Christmas 2017 which I grabbed for under £20 in the sales but do I care? Hell no!
It was so hard keeping all year and not peeking!

I had to share this fabulous quote from
Day 5 ‘Less Bitter, More Glitter’ 
What a great motto to start a New Year 💫

The shade in the box is Locket.
It’s a Stunning Translucent Silver packed with Glitters in varying shapes & sizes from tiny dots to larger hexagonal pieces. 
I’ve applied 2 coats for a semi opaque coverage. The brush is nice to use, offering an even application. 
These Mini’s contain 5ml of polish...

Base Coat - OPI Nail Envy Original
Top Coat - Seche Vite

Everyone loves a cute pic right? So here’s Ffion cuddling into my warm PJ’s 🖤

Love & Hugs,
Jenny x

*All items used are my own

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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Champagne Shine Duo - Review Nails Inc

Hello, it’s Summer and at last some Sunny Weather in UK☀️
I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the Polishes I have for review over the next few posts.  
I was so excited to see Nails Inc had released more Dazzling Duos for us to enjoy after last years success with the popular ‘Sparkle Like A Unicorn’ Duo. I reviewed here... 

I dived straight in and ordered a few pretty sets priced at £15 each, well how could a girl resist! 
I’m starting today with The Champagne Shine Duo. 

First up is ‘FIZZ-ICAL’.
Now I just LOVE Nails Inc Rounded Brush, my nails are slim so I can get away with 1-2 strokes! Best brush ever...
I applied 2 coats which offered a nice opacity. 
Iridescent flips of Peach Pink/Gold and in some light Metallic Orangey Yellow/Gold. 
Not my usual choice of colour, though I like this lots. 
There is a presence of micro air bubbles! My Fault... 

The next polish is ‘Straight to My Head’! 
Again I applied 2 coats which gave me a lovely opaque finish. 
I’m totally in love with this Classy Nude/Sandy Shade. With a multitude of glistening holos in lots of stunning rainbow hues that everyone will adore. 
It’s certainly popped my cork, straight into my Top 10 all time favourite polishes. 

Base Coat - OPI Nail Envy
Top Coat - Seche Vite 

I hope you love this duo, there’s another beauty coming soon. 
Jenny x

*All Items used are my own

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LENA Gel Effect Nail Polish

Hello Lovelies, Thank you for dropping by, I’ve been trying out a new Gel Effect Polish over the past 10 days from LENA Nails.  LENA ...